Top three Countertop Blenders to buy in 2018

Countertop blenders make life easier in a kitchen. They do not only help in making smoothies and milkshakes but much more like nut milk, omelets, whipped cream, nut butter etc.  Choosing the best blender for your kitchen can be a difficult decision owing to the fact that there is such a wide variety of these products available in the market. These blenders vary in size, functionality, material, power, warranty and of course price! This website can help you to make your choice depending on your requirements and your budget. We have put together a list of top 3 countertop blenders to help you in your decision:

Blendtec Designer Series Touchscreen Blender

Price $450
  1.   This is also a commercial quality powerful machine like Vitamix with a 1560 watts and 3 HP motor.
  2.   The manufacturer gives an 8 year long warranty with the product.
  3.   It is an ideal choice for making smoothies as it can cut through frozen fruits and ice with ease. Along with frozen drinks it can also help in preparing hot soups.
  4.   It has a 90 ounce capacity which is ideal for large families.
  5.   It has an opening in the center of the lid to allow the addition of ingredients while blending.
  6.   It has a user friendly touch screen control system with a countdown timer to display the time remaining while blending.
  7.   It includes 6 speed settings along with a pulse option.
  8.   It has steel ball bearings to reduce the sound while blending and to increase the life of the motor.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Home Blender

Price $599
  1.   It is a powerful blender with a 1380 watts and 2.2 HP motor that is capable of crushing ice and handling other hard food.
  2.   One of its strong suits that it is best rated for is the 7 year long warranty provided by the manufacturer.
  3.   It is the most ideal choice for making smoothies. Its stainless steel blades can easily handle frozen fruits and crush ice. Along with frozen drinks, it is an ideal choice for blending hot soups as well.
  4.   Its 64-ounce capacity is sufficient for large families.
  5.   The lid has clips to make sure it fits tightly while blending so you do not have to hold the lid down as in the case with conventional blenders. The lid has an opening to add ingredients while blending.
  6.   It is the choice of many professional chefs along with restaurants and cafes including Starbucks!
  7.   It includes 10 speed settings for maximum precision along with a pulse option.
  8.   It is very easy to clean. All you have to do is put some warm water and soap, turn on the program for the clean cycle and wait for 30 to 60 seconds. Your blender is clean!

Breville Boss Super Home Blender

Price $377
  1.   Breville blender is a powerful machine like the other two with a 1500 watts and 2 Hp motor.
  2.   The manufacturer gives a 7 year long warranty with this product.
  3.   It is an ideal choice for making smoothies, crushing ice and making hot soups.
  4.   The jar of the blender has a 68-ounce capacity which is sufficient for family meals.
  5.   It has an opening in the lid to add ingredients while blending and for the escape of steam while blending hot ingredients.
  6.   It has 5 pre-programmed settings to handle different types of products and a variable speed control to adjust up to 12 different speeds along with a pulse option.
  7.   A cleaning function is included as with the above two models for fast and easy cleaning of the jar.